Currently, I am a Nursing Professor.  It's been over 10 years since graduating with my BSN.  Outside of my children, becoming a nurse is the best thing I could have done with my life.  I went to nursing school as a second degree adult student.  My 1st degree is in Developmental Psychology.  Looking back now, it's profound that I found my way back to teaching since the only reason I ended up with a Psych degree is because my college eliminated the education program.  I wanted to be an elementary school teacher.  The bulk of my work history has been in Hematology/Oncology. I will always have love in my heart for the Oncology patient. I wanted to gain knowledge of the broader systems at work influencing our societies overall health.  That desire lead me to obtain my MSN in Community Health with a specialization in Education.

Our28days was birthed out of my own personal frustrations with the healthcare system. Especially, when it comes to women's fertility/infertility issues. It is my belief that everyone is entitled  and should expect the normal functioning of their reproductive system. The same way they would demand normalcy of any other body system.  I decided to create a company that allowed everyone not just women to have open dialogue, share concerns and celebrate being a women from our first menstrual cycle to Menopause. Along with the "parties" I have created several games that will facilitate honest conversation.  I truly believe that knowledge is power and it is my hope that I will have a positive and widespread effect on people being able to advocate for themselves.

Stephanie Victoria RN, MSN

"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have" - Maya Angelou 


Our mission is to find new and creative ways to educate women regarding their reproductive system as a whole.  We believe that knowledge is power.  By developing an understanding and love for all that it means to be a women ; we will be in a better position to advocate for ourselves. 



Our vision is to grow into a one stop shop for all of your questions  and milestones.  Coming soon OUR28DAYS will host nurse led parties on a variety of female reproductive topics.  

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