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Becoming an Entrepreneur: Inspiration


Maybe you've heard this before but I literally had a dream and could see my entire business: website, colors, images, absolutely everything. So where did the inspiration come from? For myself it steamed from my personal life journey. Looking back now I realize that I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I just needed that light bulb to go off.

Personal Struggle

After getting a work-up I was told that I have some reproductive challenges. Being a nurse I felt comfortable advocating for myself and asking appropriate questions. Even with my medical knowledge I was surprised at how much I didn't know. By didn't know I don't just mean specifics that only an OB/GYN would know. I mean the simplest terms, procedures and normal functioning my reproductive system. One of the most burning questions I always asked myself was "Why don't they do an Antral Follice Count on all women in their 30's?" How powerful would that be to know how much time you have and how soon you should plan on starting a family. Just like that an idea was born. It came from me. I birthed it. I know all of my other Entrepreneurs can relate when your business is born from true inspiration and is an extension of yourself.


All of what Vivre stands for comes from my life. My MSN is in Community Health with a Specialization in Education. It is the foundation for Vivre. Vivre which means LIVE in French aims to educate the community on the entire spectrum of women's reproductive topics. Specializing in Community Health allowed me to explore topics such as population health, social justice, self-efficacy and more. With that the social mission of my company along with women empowerment is development of the next generation of entrepreneurs who strive for social justice.

I heard that the cruelest thing in the world is to ask a square to fit into a circle. Get inspired, use you talents and follow your dreams. When doing what come naturally you can't fail (or so I hope)!

Vivre Exclusively Feminine and Exceptionally Divine, LLC


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