• Stephanie Victoria

Sourcing Products to Sell

So like most of use with an e-commerce store I am sourcing products in preparation for the holiday season. Of course I have my own products that I invented but am looking to add to my store. The good news is that there is a lot of information about drop shipping; t-shirts; sourcing products available for free on-line. The bad news is that there is A LOT of information available for free on-line.

Things to keep in mind - Select products, images and colors that go with your current brand or the brand you are developing. I found this to be the most valuable piece of information. It has helped me hone in on how I want Our28Days to be depicted by others.

Resources - sign up for Shopify Academy. It's totally free and a great resource. Also, I purchased that 365 days T-shirt promotion for about $47. Not only are the templates easily modified but the information provided is good as well.

Share your resources below. Will keep you updated as the holiday season draws near.

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