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The Almighty To Do List

To-do lists comes easy for some and not for others. I am a to-do list queen. Always have been always will be. The minute you get an idea write it down and create a to-do list around that idea. As for myself, my mind is at its best around midnight. Although there are a lot of technical ways to create lists and keep your self organized I still love good old fashion pen and paper. To do lists force you to decide what's important. Believe me I have had to-do lists that took me a year to complete. It's not about the time frame it's about the guilt! Once, it's on paper it has to get done.

Concept Maps

I have gotten so serious with my to-do lists that they have now become elaborate concept maps. I recently started introducing concept maps to my students. The best way I found to describe them is that it is a spider web for your brain. If you are interested try writing your overarching goal for example "Starting a Business" then stem from there to all of the aspects and things you need to do to start that business. Google Concept Map for a better idea.


There are journals all over the house each for a different purpose. For example, I had a journal for my IVF process, buying a home, and one for my business. When I hold a particular journal I can still feel how I felt during that time in my life. Sappy but true journaling is so therapeutic. To some it up my mother would always say once you have an idea it is not how fast you move but that you take a little baby step each day. To do list and writing in journal is probably the first thing I would do once I got that bright idea!

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