• Stephanie Victoria

Time to Sell!

So now that you’ve created, bought or private labeled items what’s left? Sell, sell, sell that’s what.  I just completed 2 vendor shows and realized just how difficult it is to sell.  

Q: You mean I have to convince you of how great these products are? 

A: Yes, I came to the startling realization that the world doesn’t see things how I do and might need some persuading (insert sarcasm). 

Tip: Keep that energy up! Do whatever you can to approach each new customer with the same high energy.  

Emotions: Who knew selling was so emotional?  I laughed.  Cried internally when someone walked past my table (the nerve).  Of course I did a serious mental fist bump when I closed a sale.  Seriously being an entrepreneur has taken my sarcasm to a whole new level.  

Tip: When you’ve given your best pitch and the person doesn’t make a purchase.  I suggest you treat it like a break-up.  Do a quick analysis of what went wrong.  Make adjustments for next time.  Finally, don’t get bitter! Recover, regroup (lick your wounds) and prepare for your next customer. 

You never know just like many ex’s they may come back! 

Follow me on my journey as I become or continue to grow as an entrepreneur.  

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