Helps to explain/teach/answer the following: 

Menstrual cycle phases, ovulation, how to become a period tracker and how long does a period last?


Menstrual Cycle Game

Period Game 

Ages: 12 and up 

Uses: Moms do you need help explaining the menstrual cycle to  your daughter? This game was created to allow users to learn the correct terms and functioning of the female anatomy.  It is more than just a flash card game the users are prompted to share stories, ask for a time out and so much more.  Make this a tradition by honoring this special time in a young girls life.  Game can be used individually; slumber party, church groups, youth groups, class rooms and mom/daughter. 


Item works by matching correct sequence of events such as ovulation, hormone release and shedding of uterine lining with the correct day.  Flash cards are based on a 28 day cycle.  Small and sleek this item is discret and designed to fit in a backpack/bag.  Best part of all if you do not feel that your child is ready for certain things such as hormones simply remove those cards and re-introduce at a later time.  


Black cards are special and designed to include dads and other family members. 


Answer sheet/Cheat sheet included for parents. 


Pair #MissRed with a Journal or Flowers to honor this special occasion! 


Lets admit it do we really know what's going on down there?

Finally if you are way past puberty and want to order one for yourself I won't tell!;)

#MissRed - Menstrual Cycle Flashcards

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  • Small and discrete.